The Heart of the Gospel

Selected Scriptures   |   Code: PJ-CDA21

The Biblical doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone is under attack today, as never before. The great reformer Martin Luther saw that the doctrine of justification by grace alone, through faith alone, was the heart of the gospel, and was nothing less than "an open door into paradise.... a gate to heaven." Yet today many Christians do not understand this doctrine or what it teaches.

Phil Johnson, in these four sermons, seeks to remedy this situation as he guides us through this most powerful of Christian teachings step by step. In plain, easy to understand language, he explains carefully the meaning and value of this doctrine which is the key to understanding the whole message of the Bible. It is important for every believer to have a sound grasp of not only what this doctrine teaches, but the implication and application of it for all. A clear understanding of these messages will help you stand against the errors that are increasingly appearing in, and undermining, the modern Church.