Contending for Christ: The Love and Loyalty of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Selected Scriptures   |   Code: PJ-CDA19

These messages are from the 2007 Snow Retreat at Double-K Christian Retreat Center

We live in a day when practically all fighting is deemed improper and ill-advised.

The problem is, we are already at war whether we acknowledge it or not. We have a real enemy who constantly targets us for attack. Those who become casualties of this conflict face tangible and eternal consequences.

We are at war against the spiritual forces of evil. Our adversary is the devil himself who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. The battle of arguments and lofty opinions against the knowledge of God wages around us. And too many Christians are unwilling to stay the course.

As followers of Christ we rightly obey His command to "turn the other cheek" and "love your enemies" when it comes to criticism and attacks on us personally. But when the assault is made against our Lord we must be trained to "contend earnestly for the faith" and "fight the good fight." There is a time for peace, but there is also a time to fight.

It is easier to let things slide and simply remain silent. Perhaps we don't value anything enough to fight for it. Maybe we don't love Christ or His truth enough to contend for Him. But a truth not worth defending very soon becomes a truth not worth professing. And if we are unwilling to stand for truth and stand up for Christ we will lose our testimony for the gospel.

Therefore may we love men for Christ's sake with big hearts like Spurgeon. May we be loyal to our Lord and willing to engage in battle for Him like Spurgeon. May we be bold truth-tellers and gospel-proclaimers regardless of the cost like Spurgeon.

May we learn with Spurgeon with this series to Contend for Christ!