The Cure for Spiritual Blindness

John 9:1-41   |   Code: PJ-CDA13

Why do so many today reject the gospel? Is their unbelief a result of a rational and reasoned position, or is it simply due to a blindness which stops them understanding this message, or their desperate need of it?

Phil Johnson examines the interesting story, found in chapter nine of John's Gospel, of the miracle of the healing of the blind man. But this is not just a story of a great healing, wonderful miracle though it was, but of something far deeper. This was a healing that not only rescued this man, who had been blind from birth, from a life of poverty, but it was a miracle that brought Jesus into conflict with the Pharisees. Why was this? What are the implications of this chapter for us today?

The whole of chapter nine of John's Gospel is given over to the telling of the story of the healing of this blind man. The gospel writer, therefore, thought it was of vital importance to convey the lessons this event has to tell. Phil Johnson begins, in the first message, by focusing on the miracle itself, and then in his second message asks the question 'why did this healing bring Jesus into conflict with the Pharisees?' Finally, he shows us how these events point to the greatest miracle of all. This is teaching that goes to the heart of spiritual blindness, and shows not only its cause but, more importantly, its cure.