Family Matters: Turning Havoc into Harmony

Selected Scriptures   |   Code: GLC-2006

Frankly, the Bible is filled with horrible examples of family life--lazy, incompetent fathers . . . bitter, self-serving mothers . . . and rebellious sons and daughters that only brought shame. In Family Matters: Turning Havoc Into Harmony, Phil Johnson and Don Green show you that only Christ's example is completely worth emulating in your home.

As this GraceLife Conference reveals, today's families need to heed the lessons of the past, and acknowledge that a harmonious home begins with the Scripture's instructions for a godly marriage. 

Pastor Don Green is the founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He holds Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees with highest honors from The Master's Seminary.

He had previously served as an elder at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.  He pastored GraceLife, a group of more than 600 adults, for eight years and simultaneously served as the Managing Director of Grace to You, where he oversaw the daily operations of John MacArthur's international media ministry. Don and his wife, Nancy, have six children.

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