Quarantine Q&A, Pt 11 with Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi

Selected Scriptures   |   Tuesday, June 23, 2020   |   Code: 2020-06-23-QA

0:36–11:17 – How would you interpret Exodus 21:4, 7–11, and 21, which describe slaves as the property of their masters?


11:18–17:30 – Phil, why do you choose to preach from the ESV translation?


17:31–35:48 – Why has the doctrine of the Eternal Functional Subordination (EFS) of God the Son gained such traction in Evangelical churches? What are the ramifications of holding to this doctrine?


35:55–47:27 – “Therefore the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels” (1 Cor 11:10). What do angels have to do with head coverings? If the practice of women wearing head coverings is no longer necessary, does that mean that something about the angels changed from when Paul wrote this?


47:30–58:07 – When a brother or sister persists in sin and you have not been able to win them over (Matt 18:15), what does it look like practically to “let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector” (Matt 18:17)? How do you proceed in such a relationship/friendship when it is apparent the person is not following Christ?


58:08–1:10:53 – When politicians or other leaders publicly make statements that are obviously false, is it appropriate for Christians to voice opinions of response on social media?


1:11:05–1:27:55 – What is the proper balance between (a) showing compassion toward those grieving over the injustices of the day, and (b) speaking the truth and exposing lies? What is the relationship between speaking truth and being sensitive to others’ feelings?