Quarantine Q&A, Pt 10 with Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi

Selected Scriptures   |   Tuesday, June 16, 2020   |   Code: 2020-06-16-QA

Quarantine Q&A, Part 10

Phil Johnson & Mike Riccardi


2:20–11:35 – Does the fact that Disney plans to open Disneyland next month impact the plan to open church at Grace Church? How do you justify keeping church closed when Disneyland and other major theme parks are re-opening?


11:40–20:19 – What are your thoughts about believers owning guns for protection? Is there any Scriptural guidance to consider about this?


22:22–24:41 – What would you say to someone who asks: “If you believe that abortion is murder, are you saying that women who have abortions should be in jail or receive the death penalty?”


22:22–35:31 – What do you say to people who call Christians hypocrites because they respond to alleged instances of systemic injustice and racism with preaching the gospel, but do more than that when it comes to abortion? 


35:32–44:08 – How do we serve and support our brothers and sisters in Christ who have experienced racism and are morning during this time?


44:09–52:23 – How should I respond to confessing Christian friends who curse? Is cursing merely cultural?


52:33–55:43 – How do I interact with my charismatic friends who warn me about going to a church that doesn’t ‘speak in tongues’?


55:54–57:05 – Are there any spiritual gifts that aren’t for women (except for those pertaining to eldership)?


57:16–1:00:03 – In 1 Corinthians 15:5, Paul says that Jesus appeared to the twelve after His resurrection. But by that time, Judas had already hanged himself. It appears that Jesus would have appeared before Matthias was chosen to replace Judas. How do we reconcile this? Also, was Matthias a full apostle just like Paul?


1:00:13–1:03:29 – Jesus’ genealogies are different in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. This is often explained by Matthew tracing Jesus’ lineage through Joseph’s family and Luke tracing Jesus’ lineage through Mary’s. What specifically in the narrative in Luke 3 indicates where Mary fits in the genealogy?


1:03:30–1:06:30 – What should be my attitude to friends who reject the gospel but still want to be my friends?


1:06:34–1:15:09 – Would you say that people in ministry (like pastors, teachers, and missionaries) have a slight advantage on always being near to God than lay Christians?


1:15:10–1:17:15 – If a male asks me (a woman) a biblical question to which I know the answer, and there is no other male around, should I answer or try to find a man to answer?


1:17:15–1:18:13 – Technical difficulties


1:18:34–1:31:23 – How do you counsel a pastor who seems to be adopting social justice ideas so much that social justice advocates praise them publicly for their new position?