Quarantine Q&A, Pt 9 with Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi

Selected Scriptures   |   Tuesday, June 9, 2020   |   Code: 2020-06-09-QA

Quarantine Q&A, Part 9

Phil Johnson & Mike Riccardi


0:56–5:25 – Phil, would you add any insights to last week’s discussion about the Christian’s response to the George Floyd case?


5:26–27:10 – Is it sinful partiality to condemn the looters and rioters without also speaking out against police officers who use excessive force? 


27:11–35:42 – Is it wrong for Christians to protest against or sue the government?


35:43–38:57 – How do we know when we are walking in and praying “in the Spirit?”


38:58–42:56 – Is baptismal regeneration a damning heresy?


42:57–49:20 – What does church discipline look like for a professing Christian who lives in unrepentant adultery and does not attend a church? How should a Christian interact with such a person?


49:22–54:00 – Genesis 24:67 says, “Then Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and he took Rebekah, and she became his wife, and he loved her…” Does this verse imply that people are married in the eyes of God when they have sexual relations?


54:07–1:00:23 – What encouragement can you give to Christian parents with unsaved adult children? How can such parents continue to encourage their children to turn from their seemingly settled rejection of God?


1:00:33–1:12:36 – What should Christians think of the sentiment expressed by the white police officers who washed the feet of black citizens as an act of corporate repentance for systemic racism?


1:12:37–1:19:24 – Do black lives matter? Can a Christian support the organization known as “Black Lives Matter?”


1:19:25–1:26:20 – Update on Phil’s recent medical procedure and brief discussion on meeting as a church.