Quarantine Q&A, Pt 7 with Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi

Selected Scriptures   |   Wednesday, May 20, 2020   |   Code: 2020-05-20-QA


Quarantine Q&A, Part 7

Phil Johnson & Mike Riccardi


0:52–07:23 – Will our practical righteousness in heaven simply come as the result of losing our flesh when we die? Is this righteousness completely separate from the forensic righteousness imputed to believers in Christ?


7:24–13:35 – Is it correct to conceive of sanctification as flowing directly out of justification?


13:36–22:23 – Will the judgement of all unbelievers be equal because they all did not believe in Jesus? Or will there be different levels of punishment based on their deeds done on the earth?


22:24–32:43 – What pointers would you give for evangelizing a Buddhist?


33:00–38:47 – How do we reconcile the Bible’s teaching that believers’ sins are remembered no more (Heb 8:12), but that believers will give account for their deeds done in the body (Rom 14)?


38:53–47:29 – My son is a comparative literature graduate who dismisses the legitimacy of the Bible. He enjoys the works of Augustine but does not take the Gospel seriously. What would you recommend for him to read?


47:31–51:03 – Who are the three men before whom Abraham bows in Genesis 18? Does his bowing mean that these “men” are divine?


51:04–59:24 – In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is said to have loved the rich young ruler (Mark 10:21). In what sense did Jesus love this man who remained an unbeliever all his life?


59:25–1:03:15 – What is the difference between God’s decree and God’s providence?


1:03:16–1:11:16 – What is the difference between paedobaptist and credobaptist views on belonging to the church family? How would this difference influence Christian parenting?


1:11:17–1:20:55 – If a child of Christian parents is unregenerate, how and why do those parents command the child’s obedience? Is the use of the Law in parenting only to demonstrate to the child his inability to obey without a new heart?


1:21:05–1:31:38 – What are some other good things that you have seen happening in GCC or GraceLife as a result of this lockdown?