Quarantine Q&A, Pt 5 with Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi

Selected Scriptures   |   Tuesday, May 5, 2020   |   Code: 2020-05-05-QA


0:30–08:14 – Phil, how many children do you have and where are they now?


8:20–12:44 – What is your favorite book of the Bible?


12:45–18:48 – Mike, tell us a little about your family.


19:01–23:20 – Since a person cannot repent for someone else, why does Daniel seem to repent for his people in Daniel 9?


23:21–29:42 – In the social justice debate, white believers are being charged with the sins of their forefathers. Is it OK for them to appeal to Psalm 79:8, which says, “Do not remember the iniquities of our forefathers against us; let Your compassion come quickly to meet us, for we are brought very low”?


29:50–33:08 – If both parents are believers, will their children who have not yet reached an accountable age be raptured with them?


33:11–37:15 – Is it the blood of Jesus that saves us, or is it His sacrifice on the cross?


37:30–45:47 – What’s the best way to witness to a Catholic who believes that papal authority supersedes the Bible?


45:51–51:07 – Phil, what did family devotions look like when your children were young?


51:09–57:47 – In John 8:44, Jesus tells the Pharisees that they are of their father the Devil. But in Ephesians 4:6, Paul says that there is one God and Father of all. (1) How did Satan become the spiritual father of unbelievers? (2) Do we become the children of God only after our conversion?


57:48–1:01:55 – Who are the GraceLife missionaries, and are there ways in which our group is responsible for caring for them?


1:02:05–1:06:50 – Is there any significance to the fact that Adam did not give the name “Eve” to his wife until after the fall, but instead called her “woman”?


1:06:59–1:13:40 – Is the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method reliable and safe? 


1:13:41–1:21:00 – What do you think of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)?


1:21:24–1:31:56 – How are Christians supposed to find and do God’s will in their own choices as various circumstances come up? When presented with a choice between two non-sinful options, are Christians free to choose whichever course they think is best?


1:31:57–1:35:00– Do Phil and Mike want to be called “Pastor”? Or is this too formal?