Quarantine Q&A, Pt 1 (Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi)

Selected Scriptures   |   Sunday, April 5, 2020   |   Code: 2020-04-05-QA

Quarantine Q&A, Part 1

Phil Johnson & Mike Riccardi



0:00–3:30 – Is virtual communion a legitimate option during quarantine? Under regular circumstances, should we bring communion to those physically unable to attend the corporate gathering?


3:31–5:30 – Is “virtual church” church? Can our live stream “meetings” replace the assembly?


5:31–9:52 – Is the Coronavirus God’s judgement?


9:53 – 12:54 – If a non-Christian, who by external standards is a “good-person,” is fearful during this pandemic, how should we as Christians address them?


12:55–15:26 – How can we best serve one another during this pandemic?


15:27–19:54 – What advice do you have for stewarding the stimulus checks to be given by the government?


19:55–22:44 – Is “Easter” a biblical term? Should we call it “Resurrection Sunday” instead?


22:45 – 27:39 – Is it biblical to refrain from taking communion because of personal sin?


27:40–32:17 – Does Revelation 3:5 teach that some who were written in the Book of Life will be removed from that book?


32:18–39:24 – With all of the wisdom given to Solomon, how is it that he would live so unwisely in the multiplication of wives and concubines?


39:25–43:29 – Since the Bible describes marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman for life, why don’t we see more condemnation of polygamy in the Scriptures?


43:30–49:04 – What is a Christian husband’s duty if he wants to make a radical decision, but it goes against his wife’s conscience and she doesn’t agree with it at all?


49:05–59:19 – What should a wife do when her husband consistently contradicts the teaching of the church of which both are members?


59:20–1:06:59 – Are the technological advancements which facilitate communication during this pandemic potentially paving the way for a one-world government or a “mark of the beast” kind of scenario?


1:07:00–1:12:09 – What five works by Spurgeon or the Puritans would you recommend reading during this pandemic?


1:12:10–End – How can we best prepare our hearts and minds for worship in this season of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday?